09Feb, 2017

Differences: Onionbit Vs Other Email Encryption

Effective Email Encryption

What We Offer You….. We are committed to providing you with an effective and secure email service for both commercial and personalized services. Delivering outstanding solutions to all industries across over 150 countries, Onionbit.com provides people just like you, with powerful solutions and a safer, more secure network. This coupled with savvy security tools the complexities of our security processes are removed for you the user, letting you get on with your busy day.

Consisting of a team of dedicated technology experts, programmers and cyber security experts Onionbit.com strives to bring you the very latest of technologies. Always on-hand to provide you with the assistance you need, doing your business with us ensures you a constructive and positive experience and the absolute best in email security.

Perks And Pitfalls Of Email Encryption Services As new services pop up every day it is hard to know what email encryption service is best for you and your needs. How do you know which company offers the most secure and cost effective email encryption services? Is the email encryption service giving you the email security you know you deserve?

Here at Onionbit.com, we’ve removed the headache of finding these answers and done the research for you. We take a comparative look at some of the leading email encryption services offered and explore some of their perks and pitfalls.

ProtonMail A Swiss-based organization this service claims to offer an end to end service that prevents them from reading your emails, in turn, preventing third party sharing. Focused on your privacy they negate the need to disclose personal information during account set up and do not retain any IP logs allowing your personal email to remain anonymous.

Written on an open source platform ProtonMail aids in easy bug fixing, allows a certain amount of customization, will not lock you in an entangled contract, creates the possibility of engaging within a community among users and in general will limit overall costs.

However, despite their claims, many user concerns have been highlighted by industry experts. Firstly, the amount of crypto-processing occurring in the front end of ProtonMail services results in the amount of client side decryption being somewhat high. These processes are ideally dealt with on the client side only unless you are prepared to extend your trust significantly. More concerning is that their privacy policy clearly states that they have access to the exact metadata they claim to have protected.

The usability is limited and compromised with any non-ProtonMail recipient requiring passwords in order to access the encrypted data. Not only does this basically render the software as ‘non-usable’, security aspects are also exposed and vulnerable.

A well-researched product, the functionality is questionable and further concerns are rife within their systems.

Tutanota Offering ‘secure email to everyone’ Tutanota claims to ease the process of email encryption. Assisting their appeal Tutanota is a German registered business stating they offer free services and plan to continue doing so, or do they? Talk on the horizon of a premium service quickly converted to its release and a subsequent subscription like payment system.

Also, an open source platform, many benefits, and concerns are shared with that of their competitors. Focus is placed on the flexibility of use across platforms and browsers. Again, as clearly stated within their services, email encryption is not completed by the end users, once again compromising security. Furthermore, in the event the Courts of Germany issue an order, user metadata would potentially be exposed, this issue is being addressed but not as yet solved as discussed in detail by Hacker 10.

Ruggedinbox.com Ruggedinbox is a free service with servers in Bulgaria. Run by a group of volunteers this service lacks in its professionalism, however, is abundant in flexibility and choice. The main attraction of Ruggedinbox is the accessibility to a variety of platforms for no cost, there are some paid options however these are minimal. Problems are quickly found for those unfamiliar or uncomfortable managing their own PGP keys and fail in practicality for most.

Why You Should Trust In Onionbit Here at Onionbit.com, we believe that your privacy is your fundamental right. Understanding the needs of today we offer a service a cut above the rest. Our processes are streamlined to ensure end users a smooth and hassle-free user experience, whilst not compromising on your security. We strive to create a service that functions similarly to a Gmail-like web service that offers a true end-to-end email encryption service. With Onionbit.com you can trust in us to process your data efficiently, quickly and securely.

Most email encryption services, including those mentioned, don’t put provisions in place in the event of a service provider ceasing services. Seemingly unlikely, it does happen. With Onionbit.com you are the true key holder of your encrypted information access ensuring your data is always yours.

Onionbit Going forward….. Never ceasing in our endeavor to protect our customers, our dedicated team work around the clock keeping up to date with new and apparent security threats. Our aim is to eliminate your security threats entirely through the creation of highly functioning coding presented in an easy to use user-face.

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