09Feb, 2017

Privacy Restoration with Darkmail

The key element of the PATRIOT Act is that it allows the FBI to issue National Security Letters (NSLs). NSLs are used to force an Internet Service Provider, like Darkmail, to surrender all private information related to a particular user. The problem is that NSLs come without the oversight of a court and can be issued in secret. Issuing an NSL in secret effectively denies the accused an opportunity to defend himself in court. Fortunately, the courts ruled NSLs unconstitutional in 2005; but not before illustrating the need for a technological guarantee of privacy. Darkmail believes that a civil society depends on the open, free and private flow of ideas. The type of monitoring promoted by the PATRIOT Act restricts that flow of ideas because it intimidates those afraid of retaliation. To counteract this chilling effect, Darkmail developed its secure e-mail platform. We feel e-mail has evolved into a critical channel for the communication of ideas in a healthy democracy. It’s precisely because of e-mail’s importance that we strive so hard to protect private e-mails from eavesdropping. Hence, Dark Mail Alliance is an organization dedicated to creating an email protocol and architecture with end-to-end encryption. In October 2013, Silent Circle and Lavabit announced a project to create a more secure alternative to email and began a fundraising effort. The Dark Mail Alliance team consists of Phil Zimmermann, Jon Callas, Mike Janke, and Ladar Levison.

Dark Internet Mail Environment Dark Internet Mail Environment (DIME) aims to be a secure communication platform for asynchronous messaging across the Internet. It was presented by Ladar Levison and Stephen Watt at DEF CON on August 8, 2014. Specifications There have been multiple revisions for DIME specifications. The latest revision is presented as a preliminary draft. First public revision, December 2014 Preliminary draft, March 2015

Protocols Dark Mail Transfer Protocol (DMTP) Dark Mail Access Protocol (DMAP)

Data formats Signet Data Format Message Data Format (D/MIME)

Server-side Magma is the reference MIME server implementation. It supports server side encryption, SMTP, POP, IMAP and HTTP.

There is an audible pause in our analog lives; a preverbal squelch on the digital line that defines the very privacy everyone expects, but is rarely guaranteed. That audible pause, that digital squelch carries with it a subtle promise that someone is reading, or listening, or cataloging and (ab)using every footprint we each press into the digital landscape. No one can guarantee that a third-party is or is not eavesdropping on a series of communications, but Dark Mail can guarantee that when a third-party does gain access, or demands access, the privacy users rightfully deserve is maintained without fail. The Summer of Snowden may have taken the Lavabit email service offline, but the lifeblood of the service is still alive and relevant to Dark Mail. The goal is to perfect and release its source code as a free and open-source software (F/OSS) project. The “magma” daemon supports access via SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and HTTP. Magma can be clustered and transparently encrypts user data before storing it on disk. It includes a Javascript webmail system that uses a JSON-based API to provide secure mail access via the web. Along with preserving existing functionality, the team will build in support for the Dark Mail protocol. Dark Mail, a newly developed messaging protocol, is designed to provide end-to-end encryption of both the message itself and the email in transit. Because encryption will be integrated into the protocol itself, it will be invisible to the user. Dark Mail users will get the security of PGP without the cognitive burden; if someone can use email today they will be able to use Dark Mail tomorrow. The project will also include building, and releasing as F/OSS, the first Dark Mail compatible clients. We are planning to launch with clients for the desktop (Win, Mac, Lin), smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android). Provide the funding and you’ll get access to the source code and binaries before the general public. Be one of the first service providers to support the new Dark Mail protocol! Winging deep and wide, Onionbit provides a complete phase of the afore-analized service, offering a high performace email service and of course with full security using an asymmetric encryption mail processing system integrated with the Clam antivirus engine. visit www.onionbit.com

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