OnionBit was built for people like you. People who want a fast, reliable, private POP3/IMAP accessible e-mail account with the most advanced features. Our team of programmers answered with a system so secure that even our administrators can’t read your e-mail.


Webmail Address:https://onionbit.com/webmail/

Incoming Mail Server:imap.onionbit.com OR pop.onionbit.com

POP3 Port:110 (encryption supported via the STLS command)

POP3 over SSL Port:995

IMAP4 Port: 143 (encryption supported via the STARTTLS command)

IMAP4 over SSL Port:993

Outgoing Mail Server:smtp.onionbit.com

SMTP Ports:25, 465, 587, (encryption supported via the STARTTLS command)

SMTP over SSL Port:465


XMPP Server:onionbit.com

XMPP Port:5222 (encryption supported via the STARTTLS command)

XMPP over SSL Port:5223

For our servers to relay outbound e-mail you must enable authentication. Please see our tutorials for help configuring your client. Our servers support the PLAIN and LOGIN authentication methods.

All outbound e-mails must be relayed through our servers. If you do not use our servers for outbound e-mail you risk having your messages rejected by the recipient’s e-mail server. This is because OnionBit publishes SPF and domainkey information that some e-mail servers use to verify that messages claiming to be from onionbit.com originated on a server authorized to represent onionbit.com. We recommend using port 587 and enabling STARTTLS for outbound SMTP access.

If you need help configuring your e-mail or instant messaging client to use these settings, please try one of our tutorials. If your client is configured correctly and you’re still having problems, please visit our troubleshooting page for hints. You can also use our contact page to ask the OnionBit Support Team for help.

Secure Email Based in Switzerland

End-to-End Encryption

All emails are secured automatically with end-to-end encryption. This means even we cannot decrypt and read your emails. As a result, your encrypted emails cannot be shared with third parties.

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